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Shooter Spotted on Roof 30-Minutes Prior

Published: Tue, 07/16/24

Updated: Tue, 07/16/24

Law enforcement spotted alleged Trump shooter Thomas Crooks on a roof nearly 30 minutes before the attack, but failed to prevent the shooting that…

Rooftop Was ID'd as Vulnerability

Published: Mon, 07/15/24

Updated: Mon, 07/15/24

The rooftop where a gunman shot at Trump was flagged as a security concern by the Secret Service days prior, but the vulnerability was not adequately…

Witness Warned of Gunman on the Roof

Published: Sun, 07/14/24

Updated: Tue, 07/16/24

A witness saw the gunman on a rooftop near a Trump rally in PA, who was then shot dead by Secret Service agents after firing shots that injured Trump…

Motown Joe Goes on the Attack

Published: Sat, 07/13/24

Updated: Tue, 07/16/24

Biden, at a Detroit rally, criticized Trump and the media, dismissed speculation about his campaign, and faced chants of support despite calls from…

Biden Presser Resolves Nothing

Published: Fri, 07/12/24

Updated: Tue, 07/16/24

At the NATO Summit, the President emphasized his commitment to finishing his term and re-election, addressing issues like war and inflation, despite…

Dems Say Drop Out But Race Is Tied

Published: Thu, 07/11/24

Updated: Tue, 07/16/24

Most Democrats, along with two-thirds of adults overall, believe President Biden should end his reelection campaign, according to a Washington Post-…

Stephanopoulos Doubts Biden

Published: Wed, 07/10/24

Updated: Sat, 07/13/24

TMZ caught George Stephanopoulos telling a passerby he doesn't believe Biden can serve another term, which he later clarified as his personal opinion…

All Eyes on Biden and NATO

Published: Tue, 07/09/24

Updated: Mon, 07/15/24

At the NATO summit, Biden must balance solidifying support for Ukraine and the alliance while facing scrutiny over his health and leadership amid…

Senior House Dems Abandon Biden

Published: Mon, 07/08/24

Updated: Fri, 07/12/24

Top House Democrats urged Biden to drop out of the race in a call with Hakeem Jeffries, citing concerns about his mental acuity, electability, and…

Joe Biden Says It's up to the Voters

Published: Sun, 07/07/24

Updated: Wed, 07/10/24

To a defiant Biden, the election is up to the public — not the Democrats on Capitol Hill. But the chorus of Democratic voices calling for him to step…

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